Miss Finch is the (former) main antagonist of Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird. She is a social worker for the Feathered Friends Society and Big Bird's former arch-nemesis.


Miss Finch is dedicated to her job as a social worker and is the most determined to place stray birds into decent bird family environments.

However, when Big Bird runs away from the Dodos, Miss Finch is shown to have a forceful, ruthless side as she sets out in her van to send Big Bird back to the Dodos, regardless whether or not he wants to. This makes her somewhat of an attempted kidnapper (even if unintentional).

Though she is stern, serious, and somewhat demanding and has an icy cold exterior, Miss Finch does have a soft side as she finally lets Big Bird stay in Sesame Street at the end of the film.


  • Miss Finch is sometimes thought to be the (former) secondary and tertiary antagonist of the film. This is not true as she is the one who drives the plot. She is also more forceful and uncaring than Sam and Sid Sleaze.
  • Miss Finch can be considered an anti-villain as she had no truly evil intentions.
  • Despite functioning as an adversary, she has good intentions and wants what is best for Big Bird.
  • Underneath her icy cool exterior, Miss Finch has a soft side as she believes she is only doing what is right for Big Bird.
  • Miss Finch is one of the few people to refer to Big Bird as just "Big" (assuming Bird to be his surname).
  • She also appeared in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years with Donny and Marie Dodo.
  • Years later, a season 40 episode of Sesame Street introduced Freddy Flapman, who played a similar role to Miss Finch in trying to convince Big Bird to move away from Sesame Street. However, Freddy was not as forceful as Miss Finch.