• Loveable Cats

    Hello. I am Loveable Cats, the new admin and bureaucrat on this wiki since Robergestudios and Garfield1601 seem to be retried from this wiki.

    Today, I have an announcement for this wiki. I will be deleting some antagonists who are not evil. So, since being an antagonist doesn't always make someone a villain, I feel like I should delete some antagonists who do not do anything evil, villainous or malicious. An example is someone who is a jerk but doesn't do anything evil.

    As you know, a villain and an antagonists are not always the same thing. Being an antagonist doesn't automatically make someone a villain.

    A villain is an evil person or animal who does villainous things like commiting crimes, hurting someone or trying to hurt someone, taking …

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  • AdrianC385


    May 11, 2018 by AdrianC385

    Yokai is not pure evil so remove it or I wil ban you!!!!!!!

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  • Loveable Cats

    Adopt this wiki

    November 10, 2017 by Loveable Cats

    Hi. I am Loveable Cats. I would like to adopt this wiki because two admins named Garfield1601 and Robergestudios are no longer active on this wiki since March and August. Also, there are a bunch of articles on this wiki that I need to lock since they have been constantly vandalized. 

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  • TheSitcomLover

    Just so you know, Al McWhiggin is actually the main antagonist of Toy Story 2 and Stinky Pete is the hidden secondary antagonist.

    One example how Al is the main antagonist is because he had much bigger plans, which was selling the entire Roundup Gang to Japan for money so he could become rich, whereas Stinky was willing to do anything so he could go to Japan and be admired behind glass.

    All in all, Al is a lot worse than Stinky Pete.

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  • Loveable Cats

    Here is a blog about the incorrect things about Uto and Kago.

    I've noticed that someone put in that they reformed, they're friends of a hero, chaotic neutral, protective and they're traitors. Is any of that true? No!

    Here's why it isn't true. 

    • Do Uto and Kago reform? No. Of course not.
    • Are they friends with the protagonists? No. 
    • Are they chaotic neutral? No. They're not even neutral, they are villains!
    • Are they protective? No. They don't protect anyone.
    • Are they traitors? No. They didn't betray anyone.
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  • TheSitcomLover

    On March 10, 2017, Tony Hargarth, the voice of Mr. Tweedy, died from Alzheimer's disease at the age of 72.

    In honor of Tony, feel free to make tribute videos to Mr. Tweedy on YouTube.

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  • Buddyrichiedonmoochie

    I will actually be leaving this wiki for quite some time to improve about 5 wikis:

    • Real Life Villains Wiki
    • Real Life Heroes Wiki
    • Any PLace Wiki
    • Animal Villains Wiki
    • and Animal Heroes Wiki.
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  • Interstate2011

    Future Articles

    April 7, 2013 by Interstate2011
    1. Butch & Woim- The Little Rascals
    2. Waldo- The Little Rascals
    3. Mr. Chairman- Looney Tunes: Back in Action
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